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wizbenny's Journal

10 December 1973
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Creator and writer of Wayward Sons. Wayward Sons begins with the crew of the spaceship, Ulympea as they attempt to banish the prisoners aboard the Tytan in another dimension. Things spiral quickly out of hand as both ships are stranded in a remote, but familiar setting. Compound this with the strange energies they're all imbued with, and you have the stuff of Legends!

Wayward Sons: Legends is the first of several different channels of storytelling. It's a webcomic found at www.WaywardSons.net and with its launch on June 1st, 2010, it will be the only full-page, full color, high-quality comic BOOK that comes out every weekday, Monday through Friday. It's a genre-shattering story that is at once science fiction AND fantasy. It's light-hearted, yet tragic. It's epic, yet focused.

But most importantly, the Webcomic version is FREE.